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It’s raining outside! And at home always the same! 🙁 Now is time for TV. Only bad news! Economy -bad, health – bad, policy – worse. everything else the same.

Turn off  TV!!!!!!  Let’s go on internet and find some good news. What is happening around the world? I CAN ‘ T BELIEVE. The same like on TV. BAD BAD BAD BAD!!!

Now I know! I will play some PC games. Problem! I can’t find any good PC games. Uh! There it is. SPACE INVADERS! Legendary game from my childhood.

After a while I got tired, too. So what’s next? View through a window. Still raining. Uf, this internet! It’s so boring, as the current weather outside.

And now is time for book. Yes, that’s much better than TV or internet. BUT DAMN!!!!! Do you know what happened!!! Stopped raining! When I found a best solution about bad weather, it stopped raining! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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