Wild boar ate my potatoes

Some animals in the wild are already endangered. Instead of being enjoy in their living environment, they must hide, … 🙁

Why? And who is the main culprit for this?

This is one of the specific animal, which is very dangerous. Very dangerous! Destroying even members of their own species.

You are right!  This is the human species.

I’ll catch you

So the animals that we have narrowed living space, come to the outskirts of our living space. Looking for food, and not because they enjoy in our society.

And this is the story of my friend who lives in a house on the outskirts of the village.

In the morning he went to a field planted potatoes. After the work he has been happy and proud of his work.

However, the next day following the surprise. Potatoes was not there! What happened!? At the night came wild boars and fed with patatoes!
Now he’s afraid to go to the fields, because he thinks that wild boars even to eat him! 

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