Why are bodybuilders on the level of children?

That’s true! I will explain you why. Right now. 😉

These days the weather is very nice. Sun, birds,… So people use this and go to the nature or walk along the beach or …

And there are always children’s playground. It’s nice to see how the kids enjoy in the playground.

But no. Today you see some other people on the playground. Some freaks with a mountain of muscles.

Who are this kids:-(  Some new kind of human. 😕

They are walking something wired, constantly watching their body and touching their muscles. Who are this kids?!!!??

On every playground I saw this freaks. I asked my friends: who are these people. And his answer: bodybuilders!!!

But what are they  doing on the children playground????!!!!! This place is for children!!! This place is for playing!!!!

Obviously these people (bodybuilders) found place which suit to their mental level.

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