Whithout Satellites?!

Do you know who or what is satellite? Yes, that weird thing that flies above our heads. Oh, and not waving with wings. This is a bird!!

And why the satellites are so important!? I don’t know. 🙁

Ok let’s look  what scientists have discovered again! This is very important! WE CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT SATELLITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that is true. Satellite is the most important thing in our lives!!! To stop working all together is practically impossible. But what would happen if it really happened?

What would be the consequences if that happens?

Initially, it had not happened nothing. Aircraft would still be in the sky, the water would still run out of our taps. But later…

The GPS system would stop working!

Weather. Weather would change. Sorry, if weather satellite would stop working, we could not predict the weather.

On the world would be a whole mess!!!!

Therefore, these satellites are a big problem. Satellites also have an impact on animals.

You know why dinosaurs are extinct? Because the satellites are spoiled!

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  1. Rohit says:

    a very nice article crunchall, without satellites we could not think of the modern technology which totally depends on the different kind of satellites..
    BTW you’ve made a mistake.., without->whitout . 🙂
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