Which pet??

Do you have a pet?  My younger son wants to have a pet. I think this is normal for children. Every child wanna have a pet!!! Even older people. Look Paris Hilton! What she have! A little dog. Yes a little dog.

OK, I don’t know if it is a dog or toy on battery, but it looks like a dog and sometimes even shake with head. 🙂 In fact, all celebrities have a little dogs. I think it’s  more like some fashion accessory. But this is not important now.

The big one

Let’s go back to my family. Like I told you before, my son wants a pet!!!!

And which pet he wanna? A dog, yes only a dog! Next question: which breeds. GREAT DANE!!! 🙁 Do you know something about this dogs? The Great Dane is one of the world’s tallest dog breeds but very gentle. And what is the main problem in our family (our home)? We are living in block of flats. Can you imagine this situation. Four people and one big dog and this dog likes to lying on the couch! No! This option will not be possible.

Or small one

Or small one

What is your other pet? RAT! Can you believe? Some people have serious problems with this animal. They catch and killing them. What to do now? This is dirty and wild animal and also like to bite you. After all my wife and I allow child to have a rat. And where to buy? In fact, you don’t need to buy it, just go to the basement and that’s it. Wait and catch.

No, we buy it from breeder. We expect it next week. We will see 😀

The rat as a pet is better option than Great dane,  because  on the couch will be more place for me.

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