What’s up

I want to read news on internet. What’s new, what happened, let’s see! 🙂

Bombing, terrorist, this country will go bankrupt, antother has already gone bancrupt,….

Uf, and I almost forgot, divorce divorce of celebrities, I do not even know them all. So, if I do not know them this is not a celebrities. 🙁

OK, enought!!! I don’t wanna read about all of this. I took a newspaper and start to read something “easy”. Oooo not again! Economy – nothing good, policy – even worse, music – nothing for me, technology – everything is smarter than me.

So what are left to me after all this? Oooo! Yes, TV! Lets look what is on TV! News, no this is not for me, not today. Film, nothing good. So there is only SPORT. Yeeeees! I almost forgot, of course there is champion league! Bayern – Barcelon.  Finally something interesting – and at the end – Bayern win!

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