US weapon from China

Today is everything from China. They know to produce everything and all this things are cheap. Made in China….everything is from China…. I don’t know if all this things also quality but the fact is – it’s cheap.

Cars, computers, electronics, toys, food… all this things are from China!!??? Is anyone else on this world who knows to produce this things?

According to the population, they are also the strongest in the manufacturing of children. But if this type of product  “quality” as their other product….????

OK, even America Intelligence report predict that China will be world’s leadnig economic power to 2030! The economy in Asia will be larger than that of North America and Europe combined. China will have the largest economy in the world. And the Chinese economy will be 140 percent greater than Japan’s economy.  😀

These people are really amazing, they know everything! … i’m sure that  Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and other “smart” people were Chinese…

And now! They even do a  step forward!  Chinese hackers have stolen blueprints for some of the US Military Secrets – most sensitive advanced weapons systems.

So the Chinese will also produced weapons 🙂 Can you imagine….    ….they will produce military aircraft ( types: F, P, Lockheed, Apchi,..)

After all, this is not bad. At least it will be cheap – and for single use!

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2 to “US weapon from China”

  1. Ansh says:

    Only the best chinese product is Great Wall of China as it has lasted so many years. Other chinese products are all useless.
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  2. Michael says:

    Funny! And soon China will also claim all the countries in this planet like what they’re doing with their neighbors. Lol.

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