Urinating on fruit

Can you imagine, you are going to store and there is no toilet. No problem, but if your stomach is full of strange “fluid”, this can be problem. 🙁

That’s what happened to some men in Sweden. He went to the store and unfortunately he feel something in his stomach – something heavy, something which was liquid and must to go out. You know what I mean. But this man had another problem. He was drunken.

According to the situation, he had to do something. Yes, he peed on fruit in a supermarket. He sprayed his nectar all over the fruit and some vegetable 😀 And now interesting questions:

  • is he brave,

    It seems that she also has a problem with stomach

  • is he stupid,
  • is he ingenious,….

None of this, he was just drunk.

So, police were called and the man had to be held down. This man was arrested and charged with vandalism.

Now you know why we must wash and rinse all fruit and vegetables from store. Not only because of pesticide but also because you never know who urinated on them.

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