They found the largest pyramid in the world

The exact location of the pyramid, not yet published, but soon to begin the fieldwork. If the discovery of the pyramids confirmed, it is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries.

I found the pyramid!! I found the pyramid!! I found the pyramid!!

I found this on one of the major news websites! So, something were found, and if this is what they are looking for, they will confirm?!

Whether they found or not?!!! This journalists are even more crazier than me!

And what happened?

American archaeologist Angela Micola believes it has found the lost pyramids of Egypt, which could be even higher than those at Giza. Micolova has looked at satellite imagery, and as early as last year, noticed unusual loads of sand at two locations in Egypt.


Please, explain me this: Pyramids are huge things. How can you lose it???!!!!!!! Even if you are blind, you can crush into it!!


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