The Truth About Red Meat

Does eating red meat increase the risk of dying from heart disease or cancer?

All meat, including poultry, provides important nutrients like iron, vitamin B and protein. But all meats, especially red meat, contain saturated fats, the type that raise our blood cholesterol levels, leading to plaque build-up in arteries and increased risk of heart disease. 🙁

So, after what I’ve read I conclude that red meat is not healthy.

Are you interested in my opinion on this? I do not care whether it is healthy red meat or not. I’m a vegetarian!! 🙂

And what is the best solution for you if you eat meat? Eat yellow or green flesh – it is very rare and the most healthy.

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5 to “The Truth About Red Meat”

  1. Basic Sailor says:

    Yeas the meat isn’t healthy, so I’m vegetarian too.

  2. Tasha Marie says:

    Hello Sandi! Just wanted to share that I am a vegetarian too!

    On my way to Vegan after watching Forks over Knives – but having a little trouble with giving up cheese all-together. Red meat is certainly BAD for people. Thanks for the post!
    Tasha Marie recently posted…Indecision will ROB you of your most important asset!My Profile

    • admin says:

      If you have a problem with cheese, you simply do not eat. So you will easily solve your problem 😉

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. Tasha Marie says:

    Very funny Sandi, but I suppose you have a point! Just don’t eat it! Best answer ever! hehe
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