Titanic sails again

In New York have revealed plans for Titanic 2, a ship that will follow the famous Titanic. šŸ™‚

Ship it will be very similar in exterior and interiorĀ  and its path will begin in Southampton after six days are expected to arrive in New York. Emphasis is on the words: are expected ( remember the fate of Titanic 1).

There will be capacity for 2,435 passengers and 900 crew and lifeboats that can carry 2,700 and a life rafts with an additional capacity of 800, for which hope that they will not need to use. In the case that they are to be used, they hope to operate without errors šŸ˜‰

As it seems the trip with this boat will be very interesting, something special andĀ something unforgettable!

Yes! This ship looks like the Titanic 1. It is meant to feel like the Titanic 1. And I hopeĀ  it will not sink like the Titanic 1.

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