All this technology!! All around me is a new technology. Maybe I’m to old. Maybe! 🙁

Everything is smart today: smart phone, smart TV, smart watch, smart fork, smart WC,… even teeth! Yes, we have now smart teeth! Go to your dentist and he will give you smart teeth.

I don’t think a lot about this technology. But sometimes I can not avoid this topic. Like today. Later I will explain you why.

What is the point of all this smart things. Are we really more smart or stupid if we use this things?

My friend explain me: smart things are for stupid people! So, I’m not to old I’m just smart. I’M SMART!!!!! 🙂 After all this smart things, we have now smart ME!!!!

And another question! Smart brain! Is this possible? Obviously we also need this – smart brain. I think, this is no problem. Scientists  can create this  in laboratory ( I hope) and if you need smart whatever, they will “install” into your head smart brain. 😀 And you will be smart as me!

I promised you that I will explain why I was thinking today about all this smart things. But sorry 🙁 I’m tired and I can not talk about this now. I need to go to sleep and rest my brains. Next time I will explain to you. I promise.


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