Swimwear that trick sharks

On the market came swimsuit, which protects you against sharks. 🙂

Scientists at the University of West Australia was in cooperation with Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) developed two types of swimwear that protect people against the attacks of sharks. Swimwear were developed over two years.

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Color key to safety

The first version is called swimwear Elude that mask the person in the water. This solution has stimulated the recent discovery that sharks do not distinguish most vivid color.

Another type of swimwear called Diverter, which shark tells with strong color contrast of white and black lines that it is not edible food. This color combination is adorned with a number of toxic sea animals.

I almost forgot!!! Swimwear are tested on a population of tiger sharks, but without a man in them. Swimsuit are already for sale at a price of 495 Australian dollars.

If you do not trust these swimsuits prefer to swim in the pool.

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