Royal children

Have you heard that a child was born to royal couple in England? I’m sure you’ve heard. All media – printed and web –  write about this event. Obviously this is the most important news on the world!!!!

Maybe for you but not for me!

Approximately  370,000 babies born every day worldwide. How much of these babies deserves media attention?  What do you think? Is this baby something special? Of course he is! All his life, he will live a dull life! 🙁  Various ceremonies, rituals,official visits, meetings,…… You may not to do this, you may not to do that, you have to behave nicely,… Like life in a golden cage!
Yes, I talking about son of Prince William and Duchess Kate. These two freaks was expecting a child, but in the nine months were not able to find name for him??!!! These members of  the royal family are really somethings special. 🙂


They have published the name ob baby!! And what is his name?! They named him George Alexander Louis!

Let’s explain this step by step:

  • George: St. George is the patron saint of England, and six Georges have sat on the throne, including George III, who was king during the American Revolution. Interestingly, he was mentally ill, and his son of the same name was a drunken, gluttonous womanizer.
  • Alexsander: No king of England has borne this name, but three Scottish kings have, and of course there was “Alexander the Great” over in Greece. The Queen’s first middle name is Alexandra. This is also my birth name and I’m sure this name he got because of me. 😀
  • Louis: There have been at least 17 French kings named “Louis.” Also, Louis Mountbatten, uncle to Prince Philip, was killed on his yacht in a bomb attack on the IRA. His prince father, also named Louis, was Prince William’s great-great-grandfather, and Wills bears “Louis” as one of his middle names.

George Alexander Louis is this moment certainly the most popular Earthman.

Very long name. How friends will call him? Maybe: George come here or Alexander give me that ball or Louis kick him.


The birth of this boy is extraordinary business opportunity. In England, the shelves are full of souvenirs. Most Wanted are official souvenirs, issued by the royal family.

There is certainly a lot of souvenirs on market, but the most interesting to me is SICK BAG:

If you‘re sick simple use the bag. If you want easier to use this bag, just look a picture on it.

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