Pope! Why are you leaving us!?

Pope Benedict XVI. has decided to resign from his position on 28 February 🙁

Benedict, who became the 265th pope in 2005, has arthritis, particularly in his knees, hips and ankles. He had been due to travel to Brazil, the largest Catholic country in the world, in July for a youth festival, but concerns had been raised among Vatican observers about whether he was fit enough.


Dear vatican observers , you do not need to worry about the Pope. He is the representative of God on earth, and he will help him 😉

A voluntary papal resignation is rare – certainly in recent centuries. Pope Celestine V exercised his right to abdicate in 1294. Pope Gregory XII resigned in 1415 to end the western schism.


What will happen now? Nothing! Candidates for the Pope is always enough, even so much that the elections take place a few days


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