Pizza from the sky

Yes that’s true! You can get pizza from the sky. 🙂

This idea comes from Domino’s Pizza.


Stolen from Wikipedia: Domino’s Pizza is an American restaurant chain and international franchise pizza delivery corporation headquartered at the Domino Farms Office Park campus in Ann Arbor Township, Michigan, United States. Domino’s is the second-largest pizza chain in the United States.


So these guys have invented a special idea! Delivering pizzas with helicopter. The flying machine, called a ‘DomiCopter’, has a heatwave bag attached to it which keeps the pizzas warm while they are in the sky.

The helicopter can carry up to two large pizzas and aims to be quicker than a normal delivery service.

What!!!????? Only two pizzas!!!!! This is not enough. What’s my party! There will be a lot of people and I will order about 20 pizzas. So there will be 10 helicopters. My neighbours will be mad – already complain about loud music!

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