Phone company sends a final bill for £10 trillion

What happens if you use too much the phone? Spend a lot of time and money, especially money. 🙁

A French woman had the shock of a life time when she received a phone bill of £10 trillion – nearly 6000 times the country’s GDP. Yes, she’s got a bill with this amount!

She had requested her account be closed after losing her job last month.

The former teaching assistant said she “almost had a heart attack. There were so many zeroes I couldn’t even work out how much it was”.

She soon came to her senses, realising that it was a mistake and called her phone company to report the faulty charge. To her surprise, operators at Bouygues Telecom said they could not amend the charges and that she was liable for the sum, insisting it would automatically be withdrawn from her bank account.

So do not use the phone too much. As I mentioned before: you will spend too much time and money!

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