Peter Thiel Gives Whiz Kids $100K To Quit College

American students are getting offers. Billionaire Peter Thiel offered a $100 000them in turn to leave college and start his own business. 🙂

Thiel’s Fellowship is simple; select 20 promising students, no older than 20, with grand ideas to change the world or start a new business. Then, give them $100,000 over two years of the program and surround them with mentors to teach them. Instead of going straight to college, these kids learn how to start a business the “real-world” way.

Thiel started this venture last year, pointing out that we were in an “education bubble.” Graduates leave college with thousands in debt and often few marketable skills that will get them a job, Thiel contends.

So today is not worth studying. I’d rather leave studies and pick up money.

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