US weapon from China

Today is everything from China. They know to produce everything and all this things are cheap. Made in China....everything Read more [...]

Pope Francis

This pope is really something special!! He deals with topics that are vulnerable for church  🙁 I'm not a sympathizer Read more [...]

Submarine sink but won’t float

Yes, technology made progress in other areas not only  in IT. Especially in the shipbuilding industry. More specifically... Read more [...]

Yahoo + Tumblr = Yablr

Yahoo and Tumblr. Yahoo buy Tumblr. What it means and why this is so important if one company buy another. To be honest Read more [...]

Global Crisis?!

Saying that the global crisis is still here. Do you believe? At the same time they say that it will end soon 🙂 I believe Read more [...]

Smoking or not to smoking

Do you smoke? I hate whem somebody smoke in front of me or behind me or close to me or..... 🙁   ...anywhere....   I Read more [...]

Hollywood Walk of Fame

I'm sure you've heard of  Hollywood Walk of Fame. Me, too. But what is this? Why is this "thing" so important and famous? Read more [...]