They found the largest pyramid in the world

The exact location of the pyramid, not yet published, but soon to begin the fieldwork. If the discovery of the pyramids confirmed, Read more [...]

Pope’s gay colleague

Pope's confidant, who is also responsible for the Vatican Bank and a few years ago did several scandals in Uruguay - missionary Read more [...]

Swimwear that trick sharks

On the market came swimsuit, which protects you against sharks. 🙂 Scientists at the University of West Australia was Read more [...]

Gerard Depardieu injured in an accident

Actor Gerard Depardieu was easier injured in a car accident in the center of the Russian capital Moscow, where he filmed Read more [...]

Adam has become a two-year member of Mensa

Half-year Adam Kirby from South London, he became the second youngest member of Mensa. His IQ is already at 141. As the Read more [...]

Arrested Vatican priest, also known as Monsignor 500

Due to suspicion of corruption, in Vatican bank was arrested Nunzia Scarani priest who is suspected to have been involved Read more [...]

Eiffel Tower – monument closed

Eiffel Tower, has been shut down because of a strike. The strike left thousands of visitors grounded below the 124-year-old Read more [...]