The Most Powerful Female Celebrities In 2012

Forbes was announced the most influential women in the world of entertainment. 😎 On the scale were ranked on the basis Read more [...]

25 billion songs from iTunes

Happy German music fan Phillip Lüpke from Germany has received a voucher in the amount of 10,000 euros (US$13,525) for the Read more [...]

Carnival on Carnival Triumph

150 miles from the coast was "parked" the Carniva Triumph cruise ship. The reason is that  a fire crippled the ship's water Read more [...]

Mars! What’s up?!

On Mars, they discovered something strange. Scientists have looked at  images captured by a camera on Curiosity. After Read more [...]

Pope! Why are you leaving us!?

Pope Benedict XVI. has decided to resign from his position on 28 February 🙁 Benedict, who became the 265th pope in Read more [...]

Let’s go to Mars

Do you want  to go where no human has gone before? Then you need to go to Mars  😛 And how will you go? Mars One  Read more [...]

Drunk pilot, Again

OK, but now was not the pilot of British Airways. This fun, obviously a habit of pilots, has afford a pilot of Romanian airline Read more [...]