My first Marathon (42km)

Last Sunday I attended a Marathon. There were about 20 000 runners.

Many time I was visited Marathon but I was run only on 21km (half marathon). And of course this year  I was very proud of my achievement . 😀

All of my friends know about this. So one day we talk about this and about my plans in the future (about running plans).

Some of my friends have decided to join me next year. 🙂 In this conversation was also present one of my best friend who is not exactly excited about the sport.

And then he explained his opinion. Something like this. Sport is not good for healthy. After all sport activities you are tired. And this is not good. 🙁  So sport is not healthy. OK. Sport is also healthy but not like that – healthy is only  those on TV. And what are you doing is a big nonsense! First you pay and then you still have to run and sweat!

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