Muscles hidden under fat ?!

Everybody wanna be fit. That’s true. But the problem is because we eat to much. The most people today are fat.

What we can do to be fit. The easiest way: buy magic tablets ( as you seen on TV) or maybe you can go to surgeon. I don’t know exactly what he will done to you but you will be fit – for some time ;-) .

UHHH and I almost forget, there is also some magic powder. You know, this one in a  big plastic box. Usually you see advertising in sports magazines, something like before – after. You must eat this strange white powder and you will be like Hercules.

Who is Hercules!? Hercules is  son of Zeus, he is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures. You don’t need to searching for his telephone number or e-mail address because he passed away a long time ago ( he died because of women). Glory to him.

And now my story. The point of this article.

I don’t have a problem with overweight. I almost every day running  or go to swimming and also go to boxing gym. And these days I met a friend of mine with big belly and a big car.

I joked and told him that he have every day bigger belly. And what he answered to me? No, I have a lot of muscles that are hidden under fat 😀 But surprises was not yet over. He explain me that he also deals with sport now. I was really surprised. Which sport?  His answer: Fishing!!!!!!!

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