More cell phones than toilets

Did you know that the world’s population has more cell phones than a toilet?

Did you find this funny? No? For me, this is very funny. From this we can conclude that people prefer to make a phone call than go to the toilet 🙂

In any case, cell phone is very important. Let’s look some examples. Farmers in Niger use cell phones to find out which market is giving the best price. People in Kenya pay their bills and send money home using M-Pesa.

So the cell phones is used for much more important things than sitting on the toilet. :-(   There are also smartphones  which can even analyze your urine. So if you own a smart phone, you can try and use it as toilet.

So do you know what is a luxury today? If you have a toilet! Do you know what is a special luxury? If you can sit on the toilet and you have a cell phone in hand.

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2 to “More cell phones than toilets”

  1. Akos Fintor says:

    That’s just shows where society is headed……toward shit! 🙂
    However it is a sad fact indeed and it makes me wonder about our future.

    thanks for the share!
    tweeted this baby!
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  2. Rusty@Rustenburg says:

    Because of the advent of technology, majority of people (even kids and teens) are now relying on gadgets like cellphones and computers. This sounds funny but this is the reality.
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