Mistress throw out the window

One Moroccan has excellent fun with mistress in his apartment until on the door is unexpectedly knocked his wife. And because it obviously did not want to deal with the situation, grabbed the mistress and threw her out the window.

There are always at least two ways, if wife caught you in the act.

You can face with your wife and explain her the situation or the second way – throw the mistress out the window. Which option is better? Second option is much better for him but unfortunately this is more painful option for her (mistress)!

Maroccan decided for the secon option. He throw her out the window.

A woman has lucky that the man lived on the first floor and the landing was not too painful. Luck or experience? Maybe she already had a similar situation and has deliberately chosen a man who has a flat on the first floor.

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3 to “Mistress throw out the window”

  1. Nuno Cabral says:

    Ahahahha! I piss myself laughing! Great idea! Throw the mistress out of the window

  2. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this actually happened!!! It’s certainly one way to deal with the problem, but not sure how effective. It always amazes me that there is always someone who manages to capture these moments on camera too!

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