Lost in the Taiga

Soviet geologists in 1978 during overfly Siberia find a family that has for decades lived in almost complete isolation from the outside world.

The family lived in a village until the mid-1930s when they fled after a relative was killed by a Soviet. This was in 1936. All those years they lived in peace and harmony with nature😛

The family became known and began to receive more and more (modern) gifts from civilization – salt, eating utensils, food, eventually an electric lamp. 😉

But it wasn’t long after the family re-established modern contact that it began to impact them negatively. They are suffering from an unknown disease and a long struggle to come to grips with the sinful wonders of the modern day.

So people would come and destroy what is left of the natural life of this family.

If someone lives differently than you, do not destroy it. Life is not only the internet, cars, … but also life in the nature 😉

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