Lance: Can’t win Tour without doping

Lance still has a very interesting life.   Even more than when he competed.

Finally he admitted: Can’t win Tour without doping! 🙁

Where is the problem?! Everybody take doping! So what!

So they all have the same goal. To get to the finish first, and we know that this race is very difficult. And somebody must to win. Who will win????????  That one who is more resourceful.

And what can you do on race like that – we talk about Tour de France. How to cheat other teammates?

  • you can go with car,
  • by plane,
  • by train,…

I don’t believe you would thrive so. Anybody would notice that. What else can you do? Of course! Take a doping! And this is the reason why everybody take a doping on Tour de France. To WIN!!!

So what if Lance took doping?  Everyone took it. He won among the cheaters! Therefore, he is still a winner

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