I’m back again

Hello!!! I’m back again. And where I’ve been? On holidays. We traveled with camper (the car and house – all in one) through Macedonia (Contries of former Yugoslavia), Albania and Greece.

We travel in august and it was really hot (I think in the air)! These countries are really different than other.

Now I understand why Greece is bankrupt. I wonder why it is not bankrupt a few years earlier.

Albania is very interesting. People are obviously very frightened because they have a lot of pillboxes. But they are very kind.

Also Macedonia is very interesting. Cheap and beautiful country. They also have a big lake. They have only a few kilometers of highway but a lot of toll station.

And Greece!? They have only toll station but no highway 🙁 
It was really interesting, but more about of every country I will write in some of the following articles!

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