Global Crisis?!

Saying that the global crisis is still here. Do you believe? At the same time they say that it will end soon 🙂

I believe them. Why? Every thing once ends! Even global crisis.

And what’s so interesting with this? The poor is still poor, even MORE and rich are still rich, even more. 🙁

…and once lived people – rich people who wanted to help other people…Nobody ask from where their money was, where they get money… important is only that they wanna help…

They had important meetings, heated debates and a lot of good suggestions. To all people they sharing advice how they must live, how to get money,…

When they find out that the people are still poor, they found that the only solution is to give people some money. They become wery worried and began to explain people that the crisis will end soon, but you have to believe, strongly believe.

and thats all… someday crisis will end… don’t wory, we are with you



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