Gerard Depardieu injured in an accident

Actor Gerard Depardieu was easier injured in a car accident in the center of the Russian capital Moscow, where he filmed scenes for his latest movie. Depardieu he drove in a van with five other people when the van crashed into a taxi.

I’m a problem child

The accident occurred on Sunday, Moscow traffic police announced that the taxi driver ran through a red light, in addition, did not have a valid driving license. According to Russian media, the taxi driver for driving under the influence of alcohol until 2016 banned driving, but it was nevertheless still employed by the company for taxis.

Depardieu did recently received a Russian passport, after he came into conflict with the French authorities due to the new 75 percent tax on income in excess of one million euros.

This event seems suspicious, it looks as he came into conflict with the Russian authorities,too!

Don’t play with me!!!!

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  1. If you are driving a car or any vehicle there is need to be maintain basic rules like sheet belt, head light, back light or many more !! If you will consecrate upon such thing when you are driving I don’t thing so you will get any kind of problem ever !! If we will care in such ways I don’t thing in future we will get any type of problem ever !! Thanks

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