From the Aircraft to Beer Cans

Green revolution! Where? In England! 🙂

A man named Mark Gregory, decided to recycle planes. He is no ordinary man, he is a former aircraft engineer. A few years ago he founded a company – Air Salvag. 😉

So when the aircraft is no longer serving its purpose, take him to the aircraft graveyard. And here comes Mr. Gregory with his team.

Once there, the salvage team takes just under three days to reduce a 230-tonne commercial airliner to scrap metal.

The first step involves removing 130 tonnes of equipment, such as landing gear and navigation/communication avionics (which can fetch six-figure sums), before the earth excavator takes over.

Some material sells, but the most of material recycled. Especially metal, which it is processed into cans for beer.
So if you can not afford fly with a plane, you can at least drink beer, which is made of metal from plane.

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