Fresh Air in a Can

The fact is that a many Chinese cities facing with air pollution. One entrepreneurial millionaire reportedly has a solution: fresh air in a can.

For 5 yuan has started selling cans, in which is nothing. Well, actually, it is – the air, fresh air 😉

This an usual idea comes from Chen Guangbiao. Chen said the air is put into pull-tag cans he invented, with a chip in each can. The air is not compressed – he said his staff need only swing their hands three times to push the air into the can. When there is enough air, the chip will make the cap close automatically.

If I want to breathe a fresh air I go into the woods to which I have just a few steps. But I got an idea: with me I’ll take a bag, fill it with air, which I sell via eBay. The air will have different “flavors”: the pine, spruce, ….

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  1. Yarra says:

    Such genius to think of this idea. I’d definitely grab one if the situation calls for it. Alternatively, I’ll just relocate if the air is really that bad in the place I’m in.

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