Fly with Photoshop

Plenty of ridicule in professional aeronautics public these days raises new Iranian military aircraft qaher-313 ūüôĀ

Iranians make it a culmination of technology; was to be extremely powerful, dangerous for all flights in the air or on the ground, but is invisible to radar!¬† It was introduced¬† on the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution¬† by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ūüėČ

Foreign experts in aeronautics were at first photographs aircraft only smiled. According to photos such aircraft should not have to fly! But Iranians still persisted. After several days they have presented photo hunter in the air. A more detailed view reveals that hunter flights with the help of Photoshop.

Now we know that the Iranians have a special plane that can fly only with Photoshop Рand so saves a lot of  fuel. Anyway, we all agree that the aircraft is invisible, because  none of us saw it how  flights



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