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Why are bodybuilders on the level of children?

That's true! I will explain you why. Right now. 😉 These days the weather is very nice. Sun, birds,... So people use Read more [...]

FIFA world CUP 2014

Boring.  All teams are disappointed! There are goals only in extra times. For every game I think it will be something Read more [...]

My first Marathon (42km)

Last Sunday I attended a Marathon. There were about 20 000 runners. Many time I was visited Marathon but I was run only Read more [...]

Lance: Can’t win Tour without doping

Lance still has a very interesting life.   Even more than when he competed. Finally he admitted: Can't win Tour without Read more [...]

Wladimir Klitschko

This guy really looks dangerous. Who? Read the title please  - Wladimir Klitscho of course. 🙂 Currently, one of the Read more [...]

What’s up

I want to read news on internet. What's new, what happened, let's see! 🙂 Bombing, terrorist, this country will go bankrupt, Read more [...]

Ronaldo vs Irina

Of course I mean Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro briefly named Christiano Ronaldo. We all know who is he! He is boyfriend Read more [...]