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All this technology!! All around me is a new technology. Maybe I'm to old. Maybe! 🙁 Everything is smart today: smart Read more [...]

Swimwear that trick sharks

On the market came swimsuit, which protects you against sharks. 🙂 Scientists at the University of West Australia was Read more [...]


Tianhe-2 or TH-2 is currently the world's fastest supercomputer. New fastest computer in the world reached a speed of Read more [...]

Future of Flying

How we travel through the air in future? By aircraft, car, smart phone,... This is important question! Will we spent Read more [...]

UFOs over Scientology center?

Pilots of three commercial aircraft last year during landing at Gatwick Airport UK observed 'two flats, silver plate' to Read more [...]

Pizza from the sky

Yes that's true! You can get pizza from the sky. 🙂 This idea comes from Domino's Pizza. WHO OR WHAT IS DOMINO'S PIZZA Read more [...]

Be smarter – play video games

One hour a day playing games on your smartphone, you can train your brain, like lifting weights to train the muscles. 😀 So Read more [...]