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Horsemeat affair – become a vegetarian

In the UK, Ireland and France between frozen beef products found horse meat.  About controversial new products also reported Read more [...]

The Most Powerful Female Celebrities In 2012

Forbes was announced the most influential women in the world of entertainment. 😎 On the scale were ranked on the basis Read more [...]

Pope! Why are you leaving us!?

Pope Benedict XVI. has decided to resign from his position on 28 February 🙁 Benedict, who became the 265th pope in Read more [...]

Drunk pilot, Again

OK, but now was not the pilot of British Airways. This fun, obviously a habit of pilots, has afford a pilot of Romanian airline Read more [...]

Mike Tyson vs Justin Bieber

Mike Tyson is a huge fan of Justin Bieber. The 46-year-old former professional boxer may shock some fans with his soft side. Tyson Read more [...]

Fred Trump or Orangutan

Donald Trump, real estate mogul is suing millionaire comedian Bill Maher for $5 million. WHY? Maher said that he would Read more [...]

King buried under modern and large monument

Under the car parking place in the English Leicester have discovered the sceleton belonging to the king of England from the Read more [...]