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Adam has become a two-year member of Mensa

Half-year Adam Kirby from South London, he became the second youngest member of Mensa. His IQ is already at 141. As the Read more [...]

Eiffel Tower – monument closed

Eiffel Tower, has been shut down because of a strike. The strike left thousands of visitors grounded below the 124-year-old Read more [...]

Aliens are among us

A Labour politician claims he was abducted by extra-terrestrials as a child and that his “real mother” is a 9ft tall Read more [...]

Venezuela – toilet paper problems

What's happening in Venezuela? People all over the world have problem with money, only in Venezuela have other  problems Read more [...]

Pope Francis

This pope is really something special!! He deals with topics that are vulnerable for church  🙁 I'm not a sympathizer Read more [...]

Janice Dickinson

Models must be beautiful! And what are you think? ...ok, this is matter of taste. 😉 But this woman... I mean former Read more [...]

Dr. House we need you!

In Croatian Airlines happening strange things! No one knows excatly what. 🙁 Several stuff  member was suddenly ill Read more [...]