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Ninjas against terrorists in Europe

These days in Europe has been a lot of terrorist attacks. France, Germany and Belgium. People are scared. Who will take Read more [...]

Damn! Father of Angelina Jolie was not invited to the wedding!

Another celebrity wedding!! Brad & Angelina are now married!!  🙂 Everything is done something like this (briefly Read more [...]

You must eat more vegetables

Alarming news is that on our tables are to little vegetables 🙁 I read somewhere that recent research show that - this is Read more [...]

‘Drunk’ Obama body guard sent home from Amsterdam

Three U.S. Secret Service agents responsible for President Barack Obama's during his trip to Europe was sent home. One of Read more [...]

Something Funny

What you often search on internet? News? No!! I hate news, because there is only BAD NEWS. OK, not always but often. I Read more [...]

Scientists created ‘miniature brains’

The international team of scientists, was from stem cells successfully raised human brain tissue, which will be used to study Read more [...]

Pope’s gay colleague

Pope's confidant, who is also responsible for the Vatican Bank and a few years ago did several scandals in Uruguay - missionary Read more [...]