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Maserati owner hires men to sledgehammer his car

Have you ever bought a luxury car? Or you are the owner of such car? 🙁 An angry owner of a $423,000 Maserati Quattroporte Read more [...]

Smoking or not to smoking

Do you smoke? I hate whem somebody smoke in front of me or behind me or close to me or..... 🙁   ...anywhere....   I Read more [...]

The Truth About Red Meat

Does eating red meat increase the risk of dying from heart disease or cancer? All meat, including poultry, provides important Read more [...]

More cell phones than toilets

Did you know that the world’s population has more cell phones than a toilet? Did you find this funny? No? For me, this Read more [...]

BMW owner in China hires Cow

Have you ever wanted to become a proud owner of BMW. BMW is known as a fast, elegant, and above all quality car. 🙂 But Read more [...]

Lost in the Taiga

Soviet geologists in 1978 during overfly Siberia find a family that has for decades lived in almost complete isolation from Read more [...]

Batmobile Sells At Arizona Auction

At an auction in Arizona have sold one of the most famous film car of all time. Rich buyer from Phoenix, for the original Read more [...]