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Nomofobija??!! What is this????

NOMOFOBIJA....  What the hell is this???? 🙁 Some new animal? Alien? Food?....... I will ask uncle GOOGLE. He know everything! Read more [...]

Tablet holder for bed

On the market is new device or maybe toy!? It's called tablet holder for bed. 🙂 You don't need a woman (or a man) to Read more [...]

Muscles hidden under fat ?!

Everybody wanna be fit. That's true. But the problem is because we eat to much. The most people today are fat. What we Read more [...]

Which pet??

Do you have a pet?  My younger son wants to have a pet. I think this is normal for children. Every child wanna have a pet!!! Read more [...]

I’m back again

Hello!!! I'm back again. And where I've been? On holidays. We traveled with camper (the car and house - all in one) through Read more [...]

Kiss and than a slap in the face

This is happened in Croatia - more precisely, in the capitol city of Croatia, Zagreb. 60-year-old man on tram was physical Read more [...]

Royal children

Have you heard that a child was born to royal couple in England? I'm sure you've heard. All media - printed and web -  write Read more [...]