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Barbecue in China

China is fighting against air pollution for several years. Seems that all the previous measures are ineffective 🙁 Air Read more [...]

Carnival on Carnival Triumph

150 miles from the coast was "parked" the Carniva Triumph cruise ship. The reason is that  a fire crippled the ship's water Read more [...]

Cheat scandal – Harvard Won

About 60 students forced to withdraw from elite college after cheating on last year's final exam. Harvard University Read more [...]

Stinky but Valuable

Ken Wilman was walking with his dog Madge on a British beach when he stumbled upon what he thought was a smelly, yellow rock. Actually Read more [...]

Mistress throw out the window

One Moroccan has excellent fun with mistress in his apartment until on the door is unexpectedly knocked his wife. And because Read more [...]

Sweden: Stolen Train Crashes Into Building

Swedish authorities have reported that 20-years-old cleaning lady, who was suspected of stolen a train that hit the house, Read more [...]