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Submarine sink but won’t float

Yes, technology made progress in other areas not only  in IT. Especially in the shipbuilding industry. More specifically... Read more [...]

Smoke Detectors in White house

Reporters and photographers were evacuated briefly from the West Wing of the White House  because of smoke from an overheated Read more [...]

Instead of lamb eat rats

Ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho .... Better to be vegetarian! Now I will prove that it is better to be a vegetarian than "meat Read more [...]

Survives Crocodile Attack

A French fisherman managed to escape a crocodile's death roll by punching the predator in the face. 😉 Imagine! Man against Read more [...]

Assaulting his wife with a sandwich

American Larry Spurling has been jailed after admitting attacking his wife – with a sandwich. 🙁 The 50-year-old Read more [...]

Return 62,000 euros found on Norway train

Norway teenager was found on the train a bag that it forgot older traveler. 🙁 In the bag was 467,200 kroner (some 62,000 Read more [...]

Lost in time

Man,whose wallet was stolen 35 years ago has been reunited with it. And although thieves removed its cash contents, credit Read more [...]