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Urinating on fruit

Can you imagine, you are going to store and there is no toilet. No problem, but if your stomach is full of strange "fluid", Read more [...]

Snake grounded plane

Because of the small snakes in Sydney (Australia) stuck almost 400 passengers, who should fly to Tokyo. At the door of the Read more [...]

Gerard Depardieu injured in an accident

Actor Gerard Depardieu was easier injured in a car accident in the center of the Russian capital Moscow, where he filmed Read more [...]

Wild boar ate my potatoes

Some animals in the wild are already endangered. Instead of being enjoy in their living environment, they must hide, ... Read more [...]

Carjacking fails after man can’t drive stick shift

A man was arrested in Florida last week after his plot to steal a car was foiled by his inability to operate a manual transmission. Read more [...]

Swedish Train Drivers Wear Skirts

It gets warm working on the railways around Stockholm in the summer and in recent weeks male employees have been revolting Read more [...]

World news

It's raining outside! And at home always the same! 🙁 Now is time for TV. Only bad news! Economy -bad, health - bad, policy Read more [...]