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Yahoo + Tumblr = Yablr

Yahoo and Tumblr. Yahoo buy Tumblr. What it means and why this is so important if one company buy another. To be honest Read more [...]

PC cookies

Do you know that you have a cookies in your PC? Cookies that you can eat and you will not getting dirty your teeth! I Read more [...]

Facebook was target of sophisticated hacking attack

Facebook has been the target of sophisticated hacker attacks. Unknown hacking group attacked company computers  with malicious Read more [...]

Amazon’s security

Web giant Amazon has received the police investigation - it is charged that the foreign workers in its German stores are Read more [...]

Like and Share in Court

The most recognizable features of the social network - Facebooks buttons "Like" and "Share"  is the reason that the Facebook Read more [...]

25 billion songs from iTunes

Happy German music fan Phillip Lüpke from Germany has received a voucher in the amount of 10,000 euros (US$13,525) for the Read more [...]

Google maps has found North Korea

Google said it had expanded the amount of detail available on its map of North Korea with the help of contributed cartography. Until Read more [...]