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BlackBerry vs iPhone

Blackberry CEO, Thorsten Heins has been very critical of U.S. technology giant Apple. More specifically - to their product Read more [...]

Homeless Man, Pretended To Be A Doctor

In the hospital in U.S. state of Kentucky have been arrested a homeless person who lived there and pretend to be a doctor. Read more [...]

Smartphones Will Analyze Your Urine

Yes, you read the title correctly. Now see that the smartphone really smart. 😉 Now, we don't need to go Pathology. Generally Read more [...]

BMW owner in China hires Cow

Have you ever wanted to become a proud owner of BMW. BMW is known as a fast, elegant, and above all quality car. 🙂 But Read more [...]

4 hostage for pizza

A man in southern Russia took four people hostage for several hours in a bizarre abduction where his only demand was a takeaway Read more [...]

Appetite for Destruction from Axl Rose with Flying Mic

39-year-old Darren Wright from Perth in Australia, will remember the day when he visited the concert of Guns N 'Roses. Wondering Read more [...]

Silicon Fingers to sign in

Brazilian police in Ferraz de Vasconcelos was discovered first-class fraud, some doctors receiving salary despite not doing Read more [...]