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Dad, is that you!?

His name is Marcus Boykin. Is he something special? Yes, he looks a little diffrent than me or you. Even his children are Read more [...]

Are cows the cause of global warming?

Cows  contribute to global warming!  🙁 HOW!? A cow does on overage release between 70 and 120 kg of Methane per Read more [...]

Mind control

The team of scientists at Harvard Medical School has discovered a successful technique to communicate between two specimens Read more [...]

He is a great guy – rich guy

If you are looking for men, what is more important, is he great or rich? 🙂 Yes you have right! More important is, if Read more [...]

Phone company sends a final bill for £10 trillion

What happens if you use too much the phone? Spend a lot of time and money, especially money. 🙁 A French woman had the Read more [...]

Penalty for Shepherd

Bureaucratic nonsense that comes from Serbia. 68-year-old Zoran Miladinović from the village Sagonjevo on Kopaonik has Read more [...]

Return 62,000 euros found on Norway train

Norway teenager was found on the train a bag that it forgot older traveler. 🙁 In the bag was 467,200 kroner (some 62,000 Read more [...]