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Ninjas against terrorists in Europe

These days in Europe has been a lot of terrorist attacks. France, Germany and Belgium. People are scared. Who will take Read more [...]

How to lose weight by 8 kg in two hours

Do you want to know how to lose weight 8kg in the two hours? No problem! I will tell you 😉 But, at first read this story. In Read more [...]

Nomofobija??!! What is this????

NOMOFOBIJA....  What the hell is this???? 🙁 Some new animal? Alien? Food?....... I will ask uncle GOOGLE. He know everything! Read more [...]

Tablet holder for bed

On the market is new device or maybe toy!? It's called tablet holder for bed. 🙂 You don't need a woman (or a man) to Read more [...]

Damn! Father of Angelina Jolie was not invited to the wedding!

Another celebrity wedding!! Brad & Angelina are now married!!  🙂 Everything is done something like this (briefly Read more [...]

Why are bodybuilders on the level of children?

That's true! I will explain you why. Right now. 😉 These days the weather is very nice. Sun, birds,... So people use Read more [...]

You must eat more vegetables

Alarming news is that on our tables are to little vegetables 🙁 I read somewhere that recent research show that - this is Read more [...]