Amazon’s security

Web giant Amazon has received the police investigation – it is charged that the foreign workers in its German stores are terrorized by neo-Nazi guards šŸ™

The allegations were made in a half-hour documentary published on German public broadcaster ARD on Thursday (14 February) which examined the living and working circumstances of the firm’s thousands of temporary workers from all over Europe.

The workers, say the film-makers, live in cramped houses, have to work 15 days in a row, walk up to 17km a day in the huge warehouses and earn less than they were originally promised before leaving their home countries to come to Germany.

Meanwhile, they are watched over by security guards with shaven heads, leather jackets and big boots. The guards are omnipresent. They are said to frisk people to make sure they are not taking bread rolls from the canteen. They also appear to have free rein to check the workers’ accommodation, entering bedrooms and kitchens.

Apparently Germany back a few decadesĀ  to the period of World War II.

The best way is to send guards in rehabilitation. Germany is home to approximately 2 and half a million of Turks, security guards may be for some time to visit their district.



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