Aliens are among us

I’m something special

A Labour politician claims he was abducted by extra-terrestrials as a child and that his “real mother” is a 9ft tall alien with eight fingers.On the one hand or both??

The 52-year-old described the extra-terrestrial as having “human features” with a kite-shaped face, huge eyes, two tiny holes for a nose and a thin mouth.

He claims to have had another encounter three-years-later, and further experience at the age of 11, where Parkes claims his “real mother” returned to take him on board an alien craft.

He said: “I’m only telling you what I’ve seen, they could be lying to me. The reason why extra-terrestrials are interested in me is not because of my physical body but what’s inside – my soul.

I really believe you. You really are something special – your soul!
Or maybe you just ate some strange powerful tablets

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