Adam has become a two-year member of Mensa

Half-year Adam Kirby from South London, he became the second youngest member of Mensa. His IQ is already at 141.

As the youngest was invited to Menso Elise TanRoberts, who was at the invitation 28 months old, one month less than Adam.

Toddler from Mitcham in south London, Adam Kirby is a very special child. At nine months he learned to read.

We do not know from where he got this intelligence, he changes in the real genius. To be different, we started to realize when he was nine months.” proudly explained Adam’s father Dean.

Boy now easily be considered to thousands, knows how spell difficult words, and is already intensively teaches Japanese and Spanish. His IQ is 141, which is more like the adult years of Intent to U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron. IQ of 145 is the boundary that should separate the brilliant from high intelligent.

So this guy will not be politician! You do not need to be intelligent  for politician!

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